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Eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles, from the super dramatic 3D and 6D Russian eyelashes, to the more subtle but precious classic hair-to-hair extensions. So no matter what you prefer, you will get a new eyelash setting that you will love.

Nouveau Lashes



Classic lashes70€ 60 min.
Refill within 2 weeks35€ 45 min.
Refill within 3 weeks40€ 60 min.
Volume 2D-3D90€ 90 min.
Refill within 2 weeks45€ 45 min.
Refill within 3 weeks50€ 60 min.
Megavolume100€ 120 min.
Refill within 2 weeks50€ 60 min.
Refill within 3 weeks55€ 90 min.
Eyebrow/eyelash tint15€ 15 min.
Eyelash lift38€ 45 min.
Eyebrow lamination30€ 30 min.
Eyelash lift and tint49€ 60 min.
Lash lift + brow lamination + tint69€ 75 min.


Microblading is a new semi-permanent makeup technique in which a 100% natural result is achieved because hair is done hair by hair and with a personalized design. You will get the perfect eyebrows without having to put on makeup every morning and they will be just as great after a workout in the gym or a day at the beach.




Microblading + 1st retouch290€ 90 min.
Second retouch80€ 30 min.
Annual retouch150€ 90 min.
Eyebrow5€ 5 min.
Eyebrow design8€ 5 min.
Upper lip wax5€ 15 min.
Brows tint15€ 15 min.

Body treatments

Body Treatments




LPG Body60.06 ses. 320€
12 ses. 610€
50 min.
LPG localized38.06 ses. 205€
12 ses. 390€
25 min.
Premium LPG 90min80.0 90 min.
80.010 ses. 680€ 50 min.
Genesis localized50.010 ses. 420€ 25 min.
Full body Massage 60.05 ses. 270€
10 ses. 510€
50 min.
Massage localized40.05 ses. 180€
10 ses. 340€
25 min.
Wood therapy58.03 ses. 95€
6 ses. 180€
50 min.

Facial treatments

There are many different types of skin. Therefore is it important to get the right treatment that takes into account your specific needs. Even if you have a problem-free skin, it does not mean that it is maintenance-free. Good skin care is important in order to maintain elasticity and luster in the skin. A facial treatment with good products provides good conditions for your skin to feel good.





Deep facial cleansing60.0 50 min.
Facial massage38.0 25 min.
80.06 ses. 425€ 50 min.
Age Element
(personalized anti-aging)
75.05 ses. 320€ 50 min.
Acne-peel system
50.05 ses. 210€ 50 min.
(immediate rejuvenator)
Global eyecon
(eye contour)
6 ses. 335€ 25 min.
90.05 ses. 360€ 50 min.
Facial LPG deep moisturizing60.02 ses. 105€ 50 min.
Facial LPG volumizing anti-ageing60.05 ses. 270€ 50 min.
(intensive depigmenting treatment)
480.0 50 min.

Manicure and Pedicure

Life’s too short to live with bad nails, so treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at Nordic Touch. We work with OPI and always offer the hottest colors of the season with both regular and gel nail polish.




Russian manicure without polish23.0 50 min.
Russian manicure with semipermanent polish33.0 75 min.
Pedicure without polish30.0 30 min.
Pedicure with semipermanent polish35.0 50 min.
Pedicure SPA with semipermanent polish
Aprés Gel-x

(nail extension)
50.0 120 min.
Extra French5.0
Semipermanent removal15.0
Nail ArtFrom 1€/nail
Leveling base (for thin and frail nails)5.0

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