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Lash extensions is a treatment to lengthen the eyelashes by sticking extensions lash by lash on to the natural eyelashes. Taking into account the length and thickness of the natural hair, a lash of greater or less volume or length can be applied, always respecting the health of the natural eyelashes. Our natural eyelashes are completely renewed every 8 weeks approximately, so to have beautiful eyelashes it is always recommended to do a touch up every 2-3 weeks. But they can also be applied only once for a special occasion and let them fall off with the natural hair growth cycle. The extensions are synthetic with a natural silky touch and very light. We work with the best brands of best quality to achieve the desired result without damaging the natural eyelashes. The extensions can be applied in a way that the lashes seems to have simply been curled and put on mascara, or a much more dramatic look with volume lashes.

2D-3D Volume lashes

For a little more volume, either because you have very few natural eyelashes or want a more dramatic look, we can apply more than one extension on each natural lash. A small “fan” is created by hand of 2 or 3 lashes that are much thinner (0.07mm) than the classic eyelashes. This way the feeling is much softer but at the same time with more volume.

Megavolume lashes

The megavolume lashes are the same as the 2D-3D volume but applying even thinner (0.03mm) lashes and “fan” up to 9 or 10 lashes per natural hair. The result is most dramatic with a look that will turn heads.

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